The original BareBands came to be out of necessity. Founder Matt Harrigan had ripped the wristband of the watch he needed for a triathlon he was competing in the next day. In a MacGyver-inspired instant he swapped in two rubber bands from some broccoli in the fridge and hacked together a new watch. 

The watch face was yellow. The bands were green. It looked cool. But more than that it was super comfortable. Super light. And there was no sweat build up under the bands after he huffed his way across the finish line. The bands were barely there. And while no one was impressed with Matt's time, he did get a ton of compliments on his watch. People loved the way the colors popped without being overwhelming.

It wasn't long before the product inspiration and the name for the company, BareBands, were born.

In other words, Matt didn't set out to start a watch company. And he only decided to go forward with starting BareBands based on persistent positive feedback to his broccoli-band prototype.

In conversations, it became clear people were excited about a product that stripped things down to basics and left the creation up to them. And there's a difference between an all-orange watch, and the simple highlights of color you get from a watch like our Fahrenheit model (as just one example). People can get the fun/creativity point across, get the same pop of color you see in bright shoelaces and jazzy socks, but without going overboard. Subtle awesomeness. That's what we're going for. 

Then there's the ease with which parts can be swapped in and out. New bands. New shells. And as we come up with new product iterations altogether (e.g. an analog timepiece, an activity monitor, leather bands, lanyard bands, custom bands for charities/schools/teams, etc.), it will be super easy to work them into your BareBands rotation. This modularity means your watch can evolve over time without your having to keep buying new watches, or casting aside what you liked about your previous one.

While customization and color are obviously our calling cards, we haven't sacrificed in the least on quality. Every part of the watch has been rigorously tested and each watch is waterproof to 20m.  

Grab a BareBands. Get in on the fun.